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Have you think about unlearning?

I had always thought that I only liked to drink cold water, despite hearing from different sources that room temperature water was better for you. How could this be true? Room temperature water? I resisted. One day, I decide to spend one whole day without drinking cold water. I realize not only did it taste better, but also, I could drink more of it.

This is a simple habit that was easy for me to change and is a simple step that I decide to take in order to improve my health. What we eat is one of the biggest choices that we make every day. For me, the most important part of studying cooking and deciding to change my career has been recognizing that I need to let go old beliefs in order to add new ones to my life.

Every time I decide to try a new combination of vegetables and seasonings, or when I simply decide to buy a new vegetable, I know that I am being open to try new things and then deciding if my body feels good when I eat it. If it does, I add a new ingredient of my list of family recipes.

Every person is different, and even though there are general studies that set guidelines for what is good for our bodies, the truth is that we are the only person that is able to recognize if something feels good and nurturing in our body or not.

My idea behind creating “Cook with Natalia” was to be able to explain what works for me and to teach the basic guidelines on how to know if a food/ingredient is good for you or not. I have gone through a big process of unlearning, because I realized that to add new experiences and habits to my life, I needed to let go old ones.

What is stopping you to add new healthy habits to your life?


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