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We can meet in person on my office in Naperville on Wednesdays or we can set up some time in Zoom and have online sessions.

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Timeline Session

After a free 30 minute consultation where we agree to work together. we'll have a deep dive in the history of your life and I will work in building a detail history of your life that will help us to set a foundation of working towards have a better understanding of your body

Online Study

On-going Session

In this 60 minute session that we can have with the frequency that best works for your needs.  We will follow up progress and I'll also use this time to provide education and to explain next steps to work towards your healing process.  We could meet on a weekly basis, every to weeks or once a month.

Canned Food

Pantry Clean-up

For some people learning how to clean your body and choose the right products to reduce inflammation in your body can be confusing.  In this service, I will come to your house and help you get rid of the things that might be an obstacle towards the better version of yourself.

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