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How Slowing down allow me to open my heart

It has been a long time since my last blog post. I have moved countries and I am finally established in my new town, a small suburb of Chicago, IL in the United States. I am feeling motivated and excited to start helping people to understand their story and improve their health.

I have work on my healing journey the last three years. I was never diagnosed, or have been diagnosed, with a chronic disease, but I have always felt that something was off. I was determined to look for a solution that would transform the way that I eat, the way that I exercise, and basically open my heart to new experiences, new people, and new jobs.

I have work hard in removing unconscious beliefs that used to make me compare myself to others, being judgmental with myself and others, and thinking that not having time to slow down was being successful. I can say that I finally feel that I have learned to have control over the things that I can control and let go being worried for the things that are out of my control.

I have prepared myself through a lot of studying, meditation, yoga classes, endless hours of cooking and journaling. My body heals when I slow down and that’s why now I feel that I am ready to inspire and teach other people to do the transition and to learn how to listen to their bodies, understand their story, and allow healing to happen.

I used to believe that if I was starting to feel an emotion that felt uncomfortable the best way to address it was eating something sweet, usually was trigger from a lack of recognition, or a lack of love. Now, that I try to eat more nourishing foods and that I have reduce a lot of sugar intake -- I am able to recognize the emotion and consciously decide if I should eat something or not. If I do, I don’t feel blame, I simply enjoy it but try to complement it eating something healthier after.

I have enjoyed reading a book called “The Healthy Deviant” and found a phrase that describes really well how I have achieved to feel after all my process. “This feeling of clarity that it really matters whether we are healthy and happy, not because of how awesome we’ll look or how will appear to others, but because in being healthy and happy, we deliver more of the goods we are meant to deliver and we experience more of the goods we are meant to receive”. One of my purposes when I started my healing journey was that I needed to open my heart and find a lot of love to help other to remove obstacles that are not letting achieve their best.


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